My Trip to Japan, November 2001


Kegon & Yu Waterfalls, Two of Many at Nikko

Nikko is located in Tochigi Prefecture, relatively close to Tokyo to the north, less than 2 hours away. Popular way to get there is by Tobu Railway's Limited Express Kegon, but you can also take the Shinkansen to Utsunomiya and take the JR Nikko Line. The famous temples of Nikko are located relatively close to the train stations, but to access the natural beauty of Nikko, you'll need to climb up the switchbacks of Iroha-zaka, preferably by car or bus.
Chuzenji Lake at Nikko

Nikko has many waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and meadows all centered around Chuzenji-ko, the main lake in the area. I rented a car near the train station, which allowed me the freedom to truly enjoy these sights. Because of that and sunny weather, this was my most enjoyable visit to Nikko - my previous visits were marred by foggy/overcast weather and the limitation of being in tour buses.
Nantai-zan (Mt. Nantai)

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